AVP Rankings


AVP Ranking will be based on an athlete's best four (4) results (domestic or international) within the eligible window.

  • For Junior and Amateur players (non-Pro players), the eligible window is defined as the last 365 days.
  • For Pro players, the eligible window is defined as the athlete's previous six (6) most recent PRO SERIES and GOLD SERIES events played in the last 365 days.
  • An athlete's profile will be deemed as a Pro player when they participate in 6 TOUR, PRO or GOLD SERIES Qualifier or Main Draw events in a 365-day window.

All AVP America events will also be scaled on a points system:

  • 33+ Teams - 110% of points earned
  • 16-32 Teams - 100% of points earned
  • 6-15 Teams - 75% of points earned
  • 2-5 Teams - 50% of points earned