Hang 10 Volleyball - Event Details

July 21, 2018
Grass Volleyball Event
July 21, 2018
415 Dimmocks Mill Road, Hillsborough, NC


Hang 10 Volleyball - July 21 - Grass Reverse Coed 4s (big court) - Sponsored by Mystery Brewing and Archer Graphics
Presented by Park&Sun Sports, Rider Sandals, Vincere, Volleyball USA, Unsinkable Sunglasses and Volley America

Divisions: Coed 4's Advanced; Coed 4's Intermediate; Coed 4's Novice; Individual 4's;

Online Registration is Closed

Additional Information:

Join us on JULY 21ST  for HANG 10 VOLLEYBALL'S first installment of REVERSE COED 4s tournament for the 2018 season at Gold Park in beautiful Hillsborough, NC. Please pass this information along to all of your volleyball playing friends.  We love having new players come and join us and growing the volleyball community. 


RevCo 4s format will be: big court, block DOES NOT count as a touch and otherwise normal USAV outdoor volleyball rules (i.e., no open hand serve receive, no open hand tips, etc.), and the let service rule WILL NOT BE IN EFFECT.

Team composition for RevCo 4s is 2 guys and 2 girls.  Each team may have up to 6 players on their roster (each player is required to pay a separate entry fee).  For a player to eligible to play in playoffs, a player must play in at least half of the sets during pool play (i.e., 3 sets in a 4-team pool and 4 sets in a 5-team pool).  A team cannot substitute a player during a set other than for injury, and the injured player will not be permitted to return during that set.   



In our first two seasons we have handed out over $18,000 in cash and prizes to our players.  We would love to make our payouts in 2018 even bigger, and the way to do this is with even more teams! Please continue to help us spread the word about Hang 10 Volleyball.  We love meeting new players and growing our volleyball community.

In May alone, we paid out over $2,200 in cash and prizes in our largest tournament ever with 51 teams! 


We will have our loyalty program in effect for 2018 as well.  Last year, 5 players had “perfect attendance” and received a prize pack that included, a new Spalding volleyball, a Park & Sun Sports water bottle and backpack, and plenty of Hang 10 Volleyball swag. We will always reward our loyal players, so make plans to be one this year!  


Being the first team (other than staff) to sign up pays. Our earliest registrants in 2018 will continue to get free gear! We will implement this from time-to-time, so if you sign up first, you may get rewarded! 


If you played with us last year and know the drill, please read the important change and announcements below. The rest of the information you can skip since you are a seasoned veteran.



  • Unfortunately, we can no longer allow dogs at our tournaments.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this.  You will be required to remove the dog, you will forfeit any games you miss and you will not receive a refund.  Please help us out and leave your dog at home.  We hate it as much as you do, but our hand has been forced on this policy. 
  • Online registration will end at midnight on Wednesday, July 18thIf you want to sign up after 12:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 18th you MUST e-mail us at hang10volleyball@gmail.com or message us on our Hang 10 Volleyball page, and we will let you know if we have room. Any late registrations will be subject to space in a particular division and teams may be required to play in a division other than the one requested as determined in our sole discretion. In other words, sign up early if you want to be guaranteed a spot.  We have been full and turned teams away at each tournament so far this year. 
  • If you sign up by 11:59 p.m.on Monday, July 16th you will automatically be entered into a raffle for some sweet prizes such as brand new volleyballs, Volley America swag, Hang 10 swag, Park & Sun water bottles and bags, Unsinkable sunglasses, etc. Did we mention SIGN UP EARLY 
  • If you cannot make the tournament, please let us know as soon as possible.  It is really tough when we have to make a lot of adjustments last minute the morning of the tournament as we are trying to get started.  We spend a lot of time thinking through pools, formats, setting up, etc., so please be courteous of our time and effort.  If you do not let us know by 10:00 p.m. the night before the tournament (Friday, July 20th) that you will not be playing, you will be required to pay the entry fee for the tournament you missed, the entry fee for the division you want to sign up for and a $25 late cancellation fee before you will be permitted to play in any future tournament .  YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THIS IN ADVANCE AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.   
  • IF YOU ARE LATE (SEE BELOW) YOU WILL BE CHARGED $10.  Too many of you showed up late last year without letting us know. We have been very relaxed about this in years’ past, but this your only warning for the ENTIRE YEAR that you will be charged the extra amount if you are not checked in on time or let us know ahead of time.  Again, just be courteous.  
  • We will be modifying our “sandbagging rule”for the 2018 season.  See below for details but the general overview is if you win 1 or no games in pool play, or if you do not make the playoffs in two tournaments (including tournaments from last year), you can REQUEST to move back to the division that you previously won.  
  • To clarify our “sandbagging rule,” if you make playoffs as the third team off of your net or as a “wildcard” when we have utilized those formats, that DOES NOT count as “making playoffs” per the sandbagging rules.  In other words, for the sandbagging rule to reset you must make playoffs by being one of the top two teams off of your net.
  • You should anticipate that you will be at our tournament all day, from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. (think positively that you are going to win).  In general, pool play is usually finishes between 2:00 and 4:30 p.m. and playoffs start shortly thereafter.  If we are taking wildcards to playoffs, please check in with the tournament director before leaving.  Many times, teams leave and they actually have made the playoffs.  You should check in with the tournament director and the tournament director only as he/she has the official call on playoff format.
  • Please pick up your own trash and recycling!  It is not our job to clean up after you
  • Archer Graphics is also back as a sponsor! They are the go-to shop for all of your signage needs. 


Advanced and Intermediate divisions.There must be at least 4 teams for a division to run. The tournament directors may combine divisions as necessary (however, we will make every effort to split out divisions for playoffs if divisions are combined for numbers reasons). In addition,the tournament directors reserve the right to move any team to another division for purposes of promoting fair play and/or to make the tournament run more efficiently.

If there is enough interest, we will break down divisions further to have Advanced(Open), Intermediate (AA) and Novice (A).  For now, Advanced teams should consist of players that play Open or consistently make playoffs in AA and Intermediate teams should consist of players that play AA but do not consistently make playoffs and A players.  

We will be closelymonitoring divisions and if we feel like a team is trying to sandbag in Intermediate,we will move you up to Advanced.  If you have 1 Advanced player, your teamshould play in Advanced unless you contact us first and we clear your team to play in the Intermediate Division.  

Use the following as guideline for determining whether your team should sign up in Advanced or Intermediate:

Open: This is for very experienced and elite players. You will often find former college volleyball players in Open. You can expect high velocity jump serves, hand setting and consistent blocking. Helmets are encouraged.


AA: This is for players that have very good knowledge and understanding of doubles volleyball. Players in AA are comfortable with doubles play and strategy. You can expect a very consistent level of play. This is the division that consistently hosts the most players in our tournaments.


A: This is for players who are newer to/still learning doubles volleyball but still have a good understanding of volleyball generally. Players in A are still learning doubles play and strategy, but exhibit good basic volleyball skills. 


If you have any questions, just message us on our page Hang 10 Volleyball ore-mail at hang10volleyball@gmail.com and we can help give you some guidance. Contacting us BEFORE registering goes a long ways.

Entry Fee:

$25 per player. 


Combination of cash payouts and/or prizes. Prizes are those that you actually want such as new balls, chairs, sports wagons, canopies, etc.

After Tournament Parties:

After every tournament we will be having an after tournament player`s party at the Mystery Brewing Public House, which is less than a 5 minute walk from the tournament site. The Public House has a lot of Mystery Brewing Company beer on tap (the best beer in the state) and has a fantastic back patio. We regularly had 25+ people join us at Mystery for food and beer after the tournaments last year.


Online registration will be done through Volley America.


Check-in will begin at 8:00 a.m. the day of the tournament, with announcements/play starting at 9:00 a.m. SHARP. If you are not checked in by 8:45 a.m. there will be an additional fee of $10 per player not yet checked in, unless you have made prior arrangements with one of the tournament directors.  Checking in requires you to actually come to the registration tent, talk with us and pay. Showing up and socializing but not checking in will result in a late fee if you do not check in by 8:45 a.m.  We work really hard to make these tournaments as efficient as possible and we greatly appreciate your help in allowing us to do so!


Let Service Rule:

The LET SERVICE RULE will NOT be in effect



Unfortunately, we can no longer allow dogs at our tournaments.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this.  You will be required to remove the dog, you will forfeit any games you miss and you will not receive a refund.  Please help us out and leave your dog at home.  We hate it as much as you do, but our hand has been forced on this policy. 



Please, please, please refrain from using profane language, and certainly do not scream it at the top of your lungs.  Gold Park is just that: a park.  There are always tons of children around and we do not want the police being called because someone cannot control his/her emotions at the tournament.  We have to apply for a special permit and go before the city council to get it approved. If the city is getting reports that our players are screaming obscenities and generally not setting a good example for the town’s youth, we will not be permitted moving forward. Please do not ruin it for everyone.



Absolutely NO SANDBAGGING. You play at the highest division of either player. For example, a team consisting of an Open player and an A player will play Open.This will be strictly enforced and the tournament directors’ determination of the appropriate division of a player and/or team is final (we do our due diligence and track players results in our tournaments and other tournaments).If you want to request to move down to a lower division, message us on our page Hang 10 Volleyball or e-mail us BEFORE SIGNING UP at hang10volleyball@gmail.com and we will consider requests on a case-by-case basis. 


Division winners MUST play in the next highest division for subsequent tournaments. For example, a team winning AA must play in Open the subsequent tournaments. This applies to a player individually, so even if you play with a person other than the person you won that division with, you MUST play the next highest division. It is not fun for anyone for the same team to constantly win the same division all summer long. Get out there and challenge yourself!


If a division winning team or individual (a) goes win less or wins only 1 game in pool play in the next tournament after moving up a division or (b) such team or individual does not make it to playoffs for the next two tournaments, then that team or individual can request to play in the previous division. Decisions will be made by the tournament director on a case-by-case basis and MUST BE REQUESTED BEFORE SIGNING UP (very limited exceptions will be made for not following this protocol).


The sandbagging rule rolls over from year-to-year. Basically, the division you played in last year is the division you should be playing in this year (unless,of course, you want to play in a higher division). If you won a division in tournament last season and did not qualify to request a move down, you MUST move up to the next division or continue to play in the higher division, as applicable. If there is a reason that you believe you should move down a division, please message us and we will consider requests on a case-by-case basis. Remember, this rule applies on an individual basis. We tracked everyone’s record in pool play last year, so do us a favor and just sign up for the right division. 


Volley America Membership:

Everyone must be a Volley America member. There are no exceptions.Membership is $15. Almost all the local tournaments are using Volley America this year. You can sign up for your membership here: GET YOUR VOLLEY AMERICA MEMBERSHIP. You can sign up for a membership at the tournament site, but it will cost $20,and we will make your login password incredibly long (like 50+ characters long). It is a pain for us to do it, so save yourself some money and us sometime.


Volley America heard us and they have changed their membership from being through the end of the calendar year you signed up to being 365 days from the day you RENEW/SIGNUP for a membership. For example, if you signup/renew your VA membership March 30, 2018 it will be valid until March 30,2019!

We have 12 Park & Sun Sports nets and 12 sets of 2 inch Volleyball USA court lines. Every court will also have antennas. We purchased 12 sets of full velcro antennas from our newest partner Volleyball USA. These antennas are the best in the business, and we will have them on every single court. Each court will also have a new Spalding ball assigned to it. Please do not take our court balls home with you! 


Certain courts will also have ball stops. Please do not run into or otherwise knockdown our ball stops. They are working hard for you!

Need a Partner:

Message us on our page Hang 10 Volleyball or send us an e-mail at hang10volleyball@gmail.com and we will do our best to find someone for you to play with! 

Sponsors and Partners:

We wish to thank our title sponsor Mystery Brewing Company and their Mystery Brewing Public Houseand our newest sponsor Archer GraphicsIn addition, we want to thank our partners: Park & Sun Sports, Unsinkable Sunglasses,Volleyball USA and Volley America.

Approximate travel times to Hillsborough, NC:

18 mins - Downtown Durham

20 mins - Downtown Chapel Hill

40 mins - Downtown Raleigh

40 mins - Downtown Greensboro

1 hour - Downtown Winston-Salem

1 hour - Downtown Lexington

2 hours - Downtown Charlotte

Reverse Coed 4s Rules:

-Women’s height net

-Girls hit front row 

-Guys hit behind the 10 foot line

-If a guy hits in front of the 10 foot line, a portion of the ball must be below the plane of the net when he makes contact

-Guys are not allowed to block

-Let Serves are GOOD

-Block DOES NOT count as a touch

-There is NO courtesy rule (seriously, just stop it)

-Other USAV standard outdoor rules

-Absolutely no “local rules” such as 2.78912 rotations of a handset is always a double


Hang 10 Volleyball

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