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August 4, 2018
Beach Volleyball Event
August 4, 2018
417 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI


2nd Annual Slip and Flip Cup Coed 6's
Coed 6's

Divisions: Coed 6's;

Online Registration is Closed

Additional Information:

Hello all you sexy volleyballers!!!

This is the registration for the 2nd annual Slip and Flip Cup Tournament

Here's how it works:

  1. You get 5 other cool teammates and register
  2. You get lined up one at a time and go down the slippery part (can't use the trademark named for copyright purposes)
  3. You get yourself up and head over to the table where a refreshing beer is waiting for you
  4. You drink the beer (AHHHHHHH!)
  5. You then flip your cup from its normal posture to mouth side down.
  6. You keep flipping until you obtain this goal
  7. Yup, you might still be flipping
  8. You got this!!
  9. Success- you got the cup mouth side down
  10. Your next teammate hurries down and repeats the process
  11. Your team repeats this process until you are finished with your beers and flipping. 
  12. The team that finishes all of these tasks first gets a win, and the choice of side and serve for the first game (then we switch)
  13. You play 2 games to 18 straight (for tie breaker purposes)

Playoffs and such:

  1. Cost is $30 a player/$180 a team
  2. Teams will work as refs- 1 up ref, 2 line judges
  3. There will be 2 pools- 12 teams max
  4. This is Coed 6's: each team must have at least 2 ladies
  5. There is no switching out to bring a blocker up
  6. Normal volleyball rules apply
  7. Men's height net
  8. Number of teams taken into the playoffs depends on the number of team entries
  9. Tie breakers- this is a unique tournament- tie breakers are based off of your flip cup wins and losses first, so build your team accordingly as flip cup wins also count for your overall wins the same way volleyball games do
  10. Playoffs: with enough teams we would have a play in game- one game to 21 win by 2 no cap
  11. Semis and Finals- best of 3 to 21 win by 2 no cap. Winner of flip cup before the game gets choice of side and serve for first game then we switch each subsequent game
  12. A team that is for instance 5-3 in volleyball but 4-0 in flip cup will be taken into the playoffs over a team that is 8-0 in volleyball but 0-4 in flip cup. Choose your fun teammates wisely!!!!

Start Times:

  1. Registration and Captain's meeting is at 9:30 sharp
  2. First run of the Slip and Flip is 10AM sharp
  3. Teams will be allowed a 10 minute warm up for their first round, and 5 minutes every subsequent round

Other rules:

  1. Must be 21 to play in this tournament as it is alcohol based
  2. If you don't drink beer, cider may be substituted in its place. Just let me know at the outset of the tournament so that I am prepared for your team
  3. Teams are responsible to take their cups with them so we save as many plastic trees as possible

What can I win

  1. I'm glad you asked!! Winners of the flip cup portion of the tournament will win medals as well as one of a kind swag
  2. Winners of the volleyball will get one of a kind swag


To see what happened last year, please click the link below. The first 2 minutes you can skip as it is us setting up for the first run:


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