Tampa Bay Beach Bums - Event Details

November 17 - 18, 2018
Grass Volleyball Event
November 17 - 18, 2018
1400 N Shore Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL


2nd Annual Beach Bums Grass Classic

Divisions: Men's Open Triples; Men's AA Triples; Men's A Triples; Men's B Triples; Women's Open Triples; Women's AA Triples; Women's A Triples; Women's B Triples; Coed 4's AA; Coed 4's A; Coed 4's BB; Coed 4's B; Coed 6's Rec.; Coed 6's Comp.;

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Additional Information:

Sat, Nov 17 / 10am (check-in 9:15-9:45)
Men's & Women's 3's (aa, a, b)

Sun, Nov 18 / Noon (check-in 11:15-11:45)
Coed 4's + m/w Open 3's


1. No cleats or spikes are permitted. Players are allowed to play in gym shoesor barefoot.
2. Players are responsible for calling their own ball handling errors. No morethan 1 1/2 rotations at the Open/AA/A levels and2 1/2 rotations at the BB/Blevels. More lenient than beach, closer toindoor. 
3. A block does not count as a touch in any division
4. Players ARE allowed to set the serve or any first ball over. 
5. Let serves DO COUNT. If the serve hits the net and goes over, it is stilllive. 
6. Cannot touch the net between the antennas during play. Play includes takeoff, contact, and landing. 
7. All pool play matches will consist of one games to 21 (cap at 25). 
8. The length of playoff matches will be determined by the number of teams inyour tournament. 
9. Time Outs: Each team is allowed one 30 second timeout per game. Time out maybe called prior to server receiving ball on either side of court between plays.
10. Side Changes: Teams should switch sides of the court after every 7 pointsin games to 21 or more, and every 5 points for games to 15.

Format Rules:
1. No Open Hand Tips
2. No Side Sets (shoulders must be square to target)
3. Only the serving order must rotate. Players are otherwise free to lineup wherever they want on the court.

1. No Open Hand Tips
2. No Side Sets (shoulders must be square to target)
3. All players are live and are considered front row
4. Must have one (1) female on the court at all times
5. Only the serving order must rotate. Players are otherwise free to lineupwherever they want on the court.

Entry: (All players must be Volley America Members)
- 3’s - Open - $120 AA/A/BB/B - $90 per team 
- 4’s - $120 per team (may add 1-2 more players for additional $30 each)

- 3's Open - 100 % payout!
- 4's AA - 1st $500. 2nd $200
- Other divisions will have new swag and more! 

Other event information:
- Free Parking!
- Other games such as Cornhole, Kan Jam, Giant Pong, & Spikeball will be available for play
- Canopies are allowed on-site
- Saturday Players Party - TBD
1. Sign up
2. Post on Facebook Event Page: Team Name (please tag your teammates), Division, Start Time & Confirmation #.

If you have ANY problems or questions regarding registration please email us at info@tampabaybeachbums.com or call Jess at 813-391-4300 Thank you everyone!

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