What Is Volley America?

Volley America is the largest grass roots outdoor volleyball organization in the United States. Created in 2011 by East End Volleyball and Great American Volleyball, VA has member organizations from throughout the US.

The goal of Volley America is to foster cooperation among beach & grass volleyball promoters throughout the US to build up the sport. This is being done with the following items visible here at www.VolleyAmerica.com :

  • National Ranking System based on player’s results from tournaments throughout the US
  • Online Registration that seeds players based on National Ranking System in all divisions
  • Beach Grand Prix Program that awards $30,000 cash prizes based on results from the year’s tournaments, professional to novice for male, female and coed tournament players
  • Grass Grand Prix awards $10,000 based on a player’s results in grass tournaments
  • Doubles National Championship Tournament for beach teams. Players can win trips to the nationals by winning regional championship tournaments. A Grass Nationals will be created in the next couple of years.
  • League National Championships for league teams that win their regional championships
  • Junior program with tournaments, clinics and a Junior Nationals
  • Regional Championships that send players to the Nationals

Volley America promoters have access to a sophisticated web site database system that they could not afford as individual organizations. Combining all of these benefits into one master system for all the members will let them grow faster than if they ran as unconnected individual organizations. We are developing regional programs among numerous promoters fostering cooperation that has never happened in beach or grass volleyball and which will help the sport grow.

Volley America is committed to returning member dues to the players directly as prizes or through member organizations. In 2013 VA gave back over $120,000 to players as cash prizes, trips to national championships and merchandise from sponsors for player prizes.

VA member organizations are all run by current and former players. Our goal is to offer benefits and programs for players of all levels from professional players down to league players. The majority on Volley America members are novice to intermediate level players who compete in recreational level leagues and tournaments. Our program is set up allow players to advance up the competitive ladder to reach their potential as a volleyball player. Or they can be happy playing at any level and competing just for the social aspects of the game.