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July 8, 2017
Beach Volleyball Event
July 8, 2017
1 Riverside Blvd , Long Beach, NY


Junior Beach Club Series #2

Divisions: Boys 18 & Under; Boys 16 & Under; Boys 14 & Under; Girls 14 & Under; Girls 12 & Under; Girls HS Division 1; Girls HS Division 2; Girls HS Division 3;

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Additional Information:

New for 2017!  Great American Volleyball is launching a tournament series dedicated to Junior Beach Volleyball Clubs!  In an effort to bring junior beach volleyball clubs from the region together and promote friendly competition between them we have created a three event tournament series for 2017.  This club tournament series structure will also encourage players to join local beach volleyball clubs.



Saturday, June 17th - Point Pleasant, NJ

Saturday, July 8th - Long Beach, NY

Saturday, July 22nd - Point Pleasant, NJ


Note: There are regular junior tournaments on the following Sunday of each event for those staying overnight (hosted by GAV + EEVB).


Divisions: (High School divisions are ages 15-18, Divisions are determined by the club coach)

Girls High School (Division 1 - Advanced)

Girls High School (Division 2 - Intermediate)

Girls High School (Division 3 - Club)

Girls 14u

Girls 12u

Boys 18U

Boys 16U

Boys 14 U



  • Events will be pool play followed by single elimination playoffs.

  • Teams will be seeded based on club coach recommendation and previous event finishes.

  • Club teams will not be placed in the same pool unless absolutely necessary.  For example, if a club has 4 teams in a division with 4 pools, each of the clubs teams will be in a separate pool.



  • 1st and 2nd place teams in each division, will win prizes from our sponsors (Spalding Volleyballs, apparel, sandsocks, etc), at every Club Series tournament.

  • The overall first place club, per tournament, will receive 1 (team of 2) paid trip to Volley America Junior Nationals.  Includes: entry fees & hotel stay for 2 nights!

  • The club team with the most team points (point system to be announced) will win the Beach Club Cup and crowned Club Champions! The Beach Club Cup will be engraved with the Club Champions and passed to the winning clubs each year!  


Clubs / Coaches:

  • Clubs may participate in one or more events although we strongly recommend attendance at all 3 events.

  • Space will be provided for club tents, banners, flags, etc.

  • Coaching will be allowed (guidelines will be announced)



Players must wear matching tops, preferably with club names.  

All players must have Volley America Memberships PRIOR to the tournament



Players MUST have Volley America Memberships ($15 per year)

$45/per team of 2

Teams can sign up themselves or clubs can submit a team roster to and pay as a group.  It is preferable that the club pay all at one time.  As this will allow check-in go very smoothly.

The team roster must include:

  • Player 1 and Player 2 names
  • Current Volley America Number- all players must have in order to receive rankings etc.. Will start with the number "1"
  • Division (D1, D2, D3, Boys 18, 16, 14)
  • Club Affiliation

Beach Fees: There is a $15 "walk-on" beach fee in Long Beach. We will be ordering a group of badges so that the fee is discounted to $10/per person. If your club is planning to attend this event, we need to know an approximate number of badges per club. This can include parents, coaches, siblings etc. Good news... parking is FREE!


Points System:

There will be two point systems used for the series

  • Each team will be awarded points based on their finish.

  • Each club will earn points at each event based on its teams finishes.


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